Building risk management strategies into the vertical construction sector

Achieving a high level of productivity in the construction industry remains challenging. Within the sector, there are also differentiated performance outcomes between the horizontal and vertical construction sector. The recent successes of horizontal infrastructure projects such as the Northern Toll Road Gateway, Waterview Project, and Christchurch Infrastructure Recovery are in contrast to ongoing challenges faced by the vertical construction sector and hence present a unique opportunity for cross-sectoral learning.

A project team, including researchers from Resilient Organisations, Market Economics, and the University of Auckland, has published a  preliminary report from a comparative analysis of the vertical and horizontal construction sectors looking at what causes the varied performance between the two sectors. The report is the outcome of wide-ranging discussions across both vertical and horizontal sectors,  on risk management practice and the enabling factors that drive better risk management practice and productivity performance. The aim is to help initiate practice change in supporting the construction sector to improve risk management behaviours, boost confidence and enhance performance of the sector.

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