Building a better understanding of metadata and geospatial data

We've uploaded a series of short videos to YouTube to help system users build a better understanding of metdata and how it can build better research practices.

The New Zealand government has committed funding over the next decade to researching our country’s most pressing problems.  The National Science Challenges are cross-disciplinary, mission-led programmes.  The success of these research programmes requires a new knowledge development ethos. Meaningful collaboration across institutions and disciplines requires effective information management. This means supporting processes where data can be captured, safely shared, and managed to ensure quality, appropriate use, and ongoing development.

Together researchers from the Resilience to Nature’s Challenges and the Building Better Homes, Towns, and Cities National Science Challenges initiated this data literacy programme to provide an easy introduction to the fundamental processes that underpin best-practice collaborative data management.

Please read through our short booklet and watch our videos as you progress your collaborative data management journey!  We would love feedback on the resources, ideas for future videos and guides, and suggested contributions.  Please email

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