Calling all board members and CEOs - A Board's Role in Crisis

  • Have you been on a Board of Directors or a CEO of an organisation that experienced a crisis within the last 10 years?
  • Do you feel you learned from that experience?
  • Would you like to share your experience to help others facing crises in the future?
We’d like to talk to you!

We are particularly interested in talking with Chairs, Directors and CEOs of organisations that provide of essential community services such as food, water, health, energy, communications, transportation, and banking.


1-2 hours of your time to meet with you at your convenience to gain your insights and professional experience on the role of the Board in times of crisis.


Please contact Erica Seville, or +64 (0)21 456 706.


The aim of this project is to create a guide for Boards of Directors to use in preparation for and in times of crisis. It will summarise the experiences of boards who have navigated through crisis, considering what worked, what didn’t, and what they would have done differently. All lessons will be confidential, and not attributed to any one person or organisation.

The focus will be on critical infrastructure organisations, and aims to extract lessons learned on the role, behaviours, and leadership of boards. We are looking to interview individuals to capture different perspectives on the board’s role in crisis, including Chairs of the Board, Directors on the Board, and CEOs of critical infrastructure organisations who have faced significant crisis within the last 10 years. This may include experience of natural disaster, reputational risk, health and safety incidents, cyber-attack, public safety concerns, or any other crisis.

This research is a collaboration between Resilient Organisations, QuakeCoRE, and the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

Resilient Organisations’ researchers are leading this project. Resilient Organisations Ltd is a research and consulting group passionate about building future fit organisations ready to adapt and thrive in any environment. The Resilient Organisations team are world leading resilience experts, who have worked in resilience enhancement for 14 years. They are the experts in translating cutting-edge research into practical real world advice for organisations, communities, and businesses of all sizes.  To find out more visit

This project is funded by QuakeCoRE, which is a Tertiary Education Commission funded Centre of Research Excellence focused on transforming the earthquake resilience of communities and societies.  QuakeCoRE does this through innovative world‐class research, human capability development, and deep national and international collaborations. QuakeCoRE’s vision is of an earthquake-resilient Aotearoa New Zealand where thriving communities have the capacity to recover rapidly after major earthquakes through mitigation and pre-disaster preparation informed by internationally-leading research excellence.   To find out more visit

The Institute of Directors is partnering on this research to share the findings with the broader governance community. The Institute of Directors in New Zealand connects, equips and inspires its more than 9,000+ members, to add value across New Zealand business and society. Through thought leadership, our extensive network, professional governance courses, events, and resources the Institute of Directors mission is to inspire and equip people in governance to add value across New Zealand business and society.  To find out more visit

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