Awesome ways for teams to work and play together remotely

For many people, work has a social component; we enjoy the day-to-day interactions with colleagues in the office. When that is taken away with the need for remote working, it is important to bring your team together not only for work-related meetings but for social interaction as well.

Here are some ideas for ways to stay connected with your team and have some fun.

  • Recreate the Friday feeling in the team – plan some fun for that time when your team probably just want to kick back and unwind. We have been holding weekly fun quizzes on a Friday afternoon that have proved a hit – it’s a good way to finish the week together.

  • Create a virtual tearoom – set up a time when your team can join up online during their lunch or tea break, letting them catch up as they would in the office.

  • Online fun and games - get your team together and try:

    • Vlogging your surrounds – get team members to take turns giving a tour of their remote working space.
    • Online board games or a trivia quiz.
    • ‘Show and learn’ sessions – come up with a topic to research and discuss together or perhaps take a virtual group tour exploring famous and interesting places together.
    • Create a story - each person writes a chapter.
  • Friendly team challenges - a fitness challenge can also boost wellbeing – a win-win situation!

  • Dress up days - organise a team meeting with a fancy dress theme or crazy hat day.

Make these virtual events opt-in.  Be explicit that all are welcome but are not obligated to join. And remember that short and often may be better than long and infrequent.

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