Meet the team

Our team at Resilient Organisations Ltd are highly qualified, experienced, and motivated.  We apply innovative and creative approaches to resilience problems.  We work closely with our clients to deliver robust and relevant tools, results, and strategic advice.
We also work closely with an extensive network of partners and members of the Resilient Organisations community, to bring together the best team of expertise for your particular challenge.
Erica Seville BE, PhD in Risk Management
Managing Director
Erica is an internationally renowned expert with over 16 years’ experience in risk management, organisational resilience; disaster recovery; infrastructure resilience; crisis management; business disruption, and post-disaster reconstruction. She leads and mentors a passionate and enthusiastic team of researchers and consultants and has published over 100 articles about resilience.
John Vargo BBA, MBA, PhD in Information Systems
Executive Director
John is an internationally renowned speaker on organisational resilience and disaster recovery, with over 15 years’ research, consultingj and coaching and mentoring experience in these specialist fields. As lead on some significant New Zealand government funded research programmes, John has extensive experience in ensuring high quality research is translated into practical outcomes for project stakeholders.
Charlotte Brown, BE, PhD in Disaster Management
Senior Research Consultant
Charlotte enjoys tackling complex challenges facing organisations. Her key skills are in systems thinking, decision-making, risk management, and organisational resilience. In addition, Charlotte has strengths in distilling and communicating complex ideas in an accessible and engaging way. Charlotte particularly enjoys working in cross-disciplinary teams and bridging the gap between physical and social science.
Tracy Hatton, Senior Research Consultant, Resilient Organisations Ltd
Tracy Hatton, B.A., M.B.A (Dist), PhD in Disaster Recovery
Senior Research Consultant
Tracy has over five years’ experience leading research and consulting projects focusing on organisational resilience and disaster preparedness and recovery. Her passion lies in converting high quality research into practical and actionable advice for organisations. Her background in the client service industry ensures quality results are delivered on time and on budget.
Joanne Stevenson
Joanne Stevenson, BSc (Hons), MSc (Hons), PhD in Organisational Resilience
Senior Research Consultant
Over the past decade Joanne has accumulated post-disaster research and consulting experience in several countries, examining recovery and resilience of communities, economies, and organisations. She enjoys grappling with complex systems and developing practical solutions to work with these, using her background in geospatial assessment and network analysis. Jo farms in partnership with her family on a commercial sheep and beef property where the risks and opportunities of running a business in a dynamic environment are lived every day.
Kaylene Sampson, B.A, M.A, PGDipSocSci
Research Consulant
Kaylene has over 15 years of experience in applied social research working closely with clients to deliver effective solutions to their information and analysis needs. She joined Resilient Organisations in 2017 and brings significant understanding of the realities of the operation of large public sector organisations.
Louise Home-Dewar, B.A., GradDipInfoDesign
Office Manager
Louise is our energetic office manager. Louise has over 20 years’ experience in administration, graphic design, and web management. Louise’s skills are invaluable in the development of engaging and effective communication resources for our clients and other end-users. Louise also keeps our office and team running smoothly.