Our commitment to carbon neutral and sustainability

We are on a journey to make Resilient Organisations a sustainable and carbon neutral workplace.

Climate change and associated compounding threats is rapidly making its presence known. Faced with such large challenges, our small size isn’t stopping us from taking action to reduce our emissions and promote greater sustainability in our workplace.

That’s why, starting in 2023, ResOrgs has adopted a Carbon Neutral Workplace Policy. This policy will place a greater environmental lens over how we operate and ensure our workplace is carbon-neutral.

This includes:

  • Reducing office waste.
  • Purchasing supplies through sustainable, ethical, and, where possible, local suppliers.
  • Actively minimising carbon emissions where possible, and offsetting unavoidable emissions through the purchase of carbon credits through a reputable domestic service provider (Toitū Envirocare). This includes discussing with our clients, collaborators and funders ways in which we can reduce the carbon footprint of our work.
  • Implementing a business travel priority framework to determine whether in-person travel is necessary and, if so, identify ways to do this while having the lowest practical carbon footprint.

Our efforts don’t just stop at the office. For instance, walking, cycling, and driving electric vehicles are the most common (and promoted) ways our team gets to and from the office each day. That is, if we are at the office. By promoting flexible working arrangements, we not only encourage good work-life balance but also reduce unnecessary commuting.

We are committed to practising what we preach by socialising low-carbon practices in the workplace and building a culture of sustainability, to ensure we meet the needs of tomorrow.

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