Meet the team

Our team at Resilient Organisations Ltd are highly qualified, experienced, and motivated.  We apply innovative and creative approaches to resilience problems.  We work closely with our clients to deliver robust and relevant tools, results, and strategic advice.


We also work closely with an extensive network of partners and members of the Resilient Organisations community, to bring together the best team of expertise for your particular challenge.
Charlotte Brown
BE, PhD in Disaster Management
Joint Managing Director

Charlotte enjoys tackling complex challenges facing organisations. Her key skills are in systems thinking, decision-making, risk management, and organisational resilience. In addition, Charlotte has strengths in distilling and communicating complex ideas in an accessible and engaging way. Charlotte particularly enjoys working in cross-disciplinary teams and bridging the gap between physical and social science.

Tracy Hatton, Resilient Organisations
Tracy Hatton
BA, MBA (Dist,), PhD in Disaster Recovery
Joint Managing Director

Tracy has extensive experience leading research and consulting projects focusing on organisational resilience and disaster preparedness and recovery. Tracy works at the interface between research and practice, ensuring that high-quality research is converted into real solutions for organisational problems. She is a skilled facilitator who delivers engaging and effective training and workshops relating to organisational resilience and disaster recovery. She completed a PhD focusing on disaster recovery in 2015 and an MBA with Distinction in 2011. Her prior experience in the client service industry ensures clients and funders receive quality results delivered on time and on budget.

Richard Ball
Richard Ball
BA, MCM (1st Class Hons.)
Principal Consultant

Richard has over 20 years’ experience leading complex multi-stakeholder projects for public sector organisations. He enjoys engaging with stakeholders to create pragmatic and agreed solutions to address complex problems. Richard has held senior management positions and worked across a diverse range of topic areas, from transport planning to disaster recovery, biodiversity to air quality. He uses his strong critical thinking, problem-solving, and people engagement skills to deliver effective outcomes.

Joanne Stevenson
BSc (Hons), MSc (Hons), PhD in Organisational Resilience
Principal Consultant

Over the past decade, Joanne has accumulated post-disaster research and consulting experience in several countries, examining recovery and resilience of communities, economies, and organisations. She enjoys grappling with complex systems and developing practical solutions to work with these, using her background in geospatial assessment and network analysis. Jo farms in partnership with her family on a commercial sheep and beef property where the risks and opportunities of running a business in a dynamic environment are lived every day.

Sophie Horsfall
BSc., MDRR (Dist.)
Research Consultant

With a diverse background in disaster risk, environmental science, education, and tourism, Sophie thrives in multidisciplinary fields exploring different viewpoints to find novel solutions. She has a passion for understanding how things work and the ripple effects when processes are impacted by change. Her experience of living in different countries throughout her life has also developed an understanding of how social and cultural structures differ globally, allowing her to easily adapt to new environments and positively support collaborative ventures.

Cameron Eade
BA, LLB, LLM (Dist)
Consulting Analyst

Cameron has a curiosity for the world around him and is passionate about identifying practical and advantageous solutions to complex modern challenges. With a background in social science, legal research, and disaster law, he thrives in environments that require breaking through silos and navigating across multiple disciplines to understand the big picture. Cameron uses his strong interpersonal, communication, and research skills to produce thoughtfully considered and detailed results.

Louise Home-Dewar
BA, GradDipInfoDesign
Office Manager

Louise is our energetic office manager. Louise has over 20 years’ experience in administration, graphic design, and web management. Louise’s skills are invaluable in the development of engaging and effective communication resources for our clients and other end-users. Louise also keeps our office and team running smoothly.

Executive Directors

Erica Seville
BE, PhD in Risk Management
Executive Director

Erica is an internationally-renowned expert with over 16 years’ experience in risk management, organisational resilience; disaster recovery; infrastructure resilience; crisis management; business disruption, and post-disaster reconstruction. She leads and mentors a passionate and enthusiastic team of researchers and consultants and has published over 100 articles about resilience.

John Vargo, Resilient Organisations
John Vargo
BBA, MBA, PhD in Information Systems
Executive Director

John is an internationally renowned speaker on organisational resilience and disaster recovery, with over 15 years’ research, consulting, coaching, and mentoring experience in these specialist fields. As lead on some significant New Zealand government-funded research programmes, John has extensive experience in ensuring high-quality research is translated into practical outcomes for project stakeholders.

Key consultants we work with

Chris Hawker

Chris brings considerable experience across the corporate business, higher education, and local government sectors with a unique and practical range of skills in the areas of business continuity and resilience development, and crisis preparedness and response. Chris led the development of the University of Canterbury’s emergency preparedness programme and then led the subsequent response to the 2010 & 2011 Canterbury Earthquakes. Chris has shared experiences and taught at universities and colleges internationally assisting with the development of their own resilience programmes.  Chris has returned to the consulting sector from four years in local government where he created and led a regional Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group in the role of Director and Regional Controller during which he both led and supported responses to multiple major crisis events.

David Parsons
BEd, BSoSc, MEmMgmt

David Parsons brings a unique set of knowledge and skills in the areas of business continuity management, crisis management and organisational resilience. David has a special interest in incorporating the latest findings in neuroscience into effective crisis leadership capability. David brings extensive experience in all facets of developing and implementing planning, training, simulations and lessons learned programs in corporations and government entities across multiple countries. David managed Sydney Water's organisational resilience programme, including crisis management, business continuity, emergency management and critical infrastructure resilience. He also served for fourteen years on the Australian Government's Critical Infrastructure Advisory Council.

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