About us

Resilient Organisations is a consulting and research group specialising in organisational risk and resilience. 


Our vision is for organisations of all sizes, sectors, and types to understand and practice resilience for the benefit of their organisation, their people, and their community.
The art of successfully managing disruptive change and uncertainty.

We prepare organisations of all sizes, sectors, and types for disruptive change.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with evidence-based practical solutions that create capacity within their organisations to respond, adapt, and grow with change. Whether it is a sudden crisis, or slow, incremental changes, they are ready to face the future with confidence.

We do this by:

  • Generating and sharing knowledge: researching and investigating risk and resilience issues, and creating, sharing, and promoting resilience resources.
  • Preparing organisations: reducing risk, facilitating preparedness, and growing adaptive capacity through analysis, planning, testing, training, and embedding of resilience thinking.
  • Measuring and diagnosing - benchmarking, investigating and problem-solving, tracking organisational resilience over time.

We are a social enterprise that invests time to create and share resources and tools to assist organisations who cannot afford other help, ultimately aiding our vision of creating resilient communities.

Our values

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