If you had $5 billion for developing seismic resilience in NZ, what would you spend the it on?

We recently asked a random sample of New Zealand university academics about preferred and overlooked areas of spend in developing resilience to earthquakes. The survey is part of our joint effort wth QuakeCoRE to collate a transdisciplinary list of options that might assist in investment planning for developing seismic resilience.

An initial look into the data reveals a refreshing variety of ideas, many of which point towards developing ‘social’ resilience alongside resilience in the built environment.

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  • resilience education from grassroots,
  • better planning and governance pre- and post-quakes,
  • systematic knowledge building,
  • interdisciplinary collaboration,
  • mental health (particularly in vulnerable populations such as children).

This data will complement our initial review of literature on resilience to natural disasters. The final ‘menu’ list will be available online on our website later on in the year. Watch this space!