We are a consulting and research team offering a fresh perspective on building future-ready organisations, able to survive and thrive in a world of uncertainty.

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Tracy Hatton, Resilient Organisations
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Upskill your team in resilience

Resilience is a hot topic but what does it mean for you and your organisation?

We offer resilience training packages for all levels of your organisation, from frontline staff to your board, tailoring them to your needs and budget. Have a chat with one of our team of resilience specialists to find out how we can help build your organisation's resilience. 

Managing risk in the construction industry

Our recent BRANZ funded project demonstrated the strong link between risk management and productivity.

We’ve created a free resource with tips for construction businesses on how to improve their approach to risk management.

Have you captured your business continuity and resilience lessons from 2020?

Have your crisis response and business continuity arrangements been fit for purpose during the COVID-19 disruptions?

Capturing lessons learned and making changes based on those lessons will help better prepare your organisation for future disruption. We can provide independent facilitation and expertise to help you capture your lessons and ensure you learn from your experiences.


  • business-case
    build the business case for resilience
  • benchmarking1
    measure & benchmark resilience
  • develop your pathway to resilience
  • crisis-preparedness-planning
    build your crisis response & recovery capabilities
  • risk-decision-making
    enhance your risk & resilience decision-making
  • research
    perform high quality research
  • educate-engage
    educate & engage your team about resilience
  • communication
    communicate science & research
  • mentor & coach you & your team in resilience

Backed by research ...

not bound by research

We are a pragmatic team with a passion for resilience, translating research into practical real world advice for organisations, communities, and businesses of all sizes.

What is organisational resilience?

What is it that makes some organisations able to not only survive,
but also to thrive in the face of adversity?

Why work with us?

  • We have been creating actionable resilience strategies for organisations for 14+ years.
  • We work collaboratively both within our team and with our clients to make sure our activities make a difference.
  • We are a social enterprise with a core mission to make a difference.

Client feedback

Thank you all very much for your work and support in managing our seismic risk and decision making across Sanford. The papers you presented were a wonderful representation of the expertise and thorough thinking that has gone into this framework and our Executive team we are most appreciative.

Karen Duffy
Chief People Officer
Sanford Ltd

Thanks heaps for your work, professionalism, depth of view, analysis, and responsiveness.

Tim Casey
Nelson Marlborough District Health Board

I fully recommend Resilient Organisations' Benchmarking Tool for any organisation.  ... The process was well managed and the project was completed on time and to budget ... the report has given us clear and concise recommendations to adopt.

Steve Campbell
Bay of Plenty Regional Lifeline Utilities Coordinator

Latest news and insights

April 21 2021

Earthquake Preparedness Checklist
Want to make sure your organisation is prepared for an earthquake? Download our free Earthquake Preparedness Guide to help get you started.
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April 16 2021

Earthquake Prone Public Buildings: Balancing Life Safety Risks and Community Costs
How do you balance the life safety risks of an earthquake prone public building against the community costs of prolonged closure of community facilities?
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April 16 2021

New Zealand’s Dark Horse of Disaster Risk Reduction Legislation
We recently completed an Earthquake Commission (EQC) funded research investigated whether the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) has a role in how New Zealand organisations manage earthquake risk.
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April 16 2021

New ResOrgs team member
We are very excited to welcome David Fox to our team as a Senior Consultant. David brings to the team over 20 years of experience in assisting businesses understand and manage risk.
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