We are a consulting and research team offering a fresh perspective on building future ready organisations, able to survive and thrive in a world of uncertainty.

Backed by research ...

not bound by research


We are first and foremost a pragmatic team with a passion for resilience and translating our research into practical real world advice for organisations, communities and businesses of all sizes.

Why work with us?

  • We have been creating actionable resilience strategies for organisations for 13+ years.
  • We work collaboratively both within our team and with our clients to make sure our activities make a difference.

Resilience resources for organisations of all sizes

We offer FREE downloadable booklets to help organisations build resilience, prepare for future uncertainty and navigate the stages of recovery after a crisis.

For larger and more complex organisations we offer a range of tailored packages to measure your resilience and advise next steps.

What is organisational resilience?

What is it that makes some organisations able to not only survive,
but also to thrive in the face of adversity?

Our clients say

The team at Resilient Organisations brought a range of excellent skills to the task including their deep subject matter knowledge and analytical skills, responsiveness and ability to deliver measurable and meaningful outcomes.


Andrew Kiley, Director
Critical Infrastructure Resilience Section, National Security Division
Commonwealth Attorney‑General's Department, Australia
I fully recommend using the Resilient Organisations Benchmarking Tool to any organisation.  ... The process was well managed by Resilient Organisations and the project was completed on time and to budget ... the  report has given us clear and concise recommendations to adopt.


Steve Campbell
Bay of Plenty Regional Lifeline Utilities Coordinator

Latest news and insights

John Vargo speaking on resilience and social enterprises
John Vargo speaking on resilience and social enterprises
John Vargo spoke about organisational resilience with Steve Moe on his podcast series, seeds. In this series of podcasts Steve talks with people making a positive impact, particularly relating to social enterprises and entrepreneurs.   Listen to the podcast on iTunes or access it via Castbox
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Job vacancy: Research Assistant position
Job vacancy: Research Assistant position
Based in our Christchurch office, you will be working on a broad range of projects spanning resilience research and practice. One of your major projects will be the Resilience Assessment Warrant of Fitness funded by the Resilience to Nature's Challenge
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Building a better understanding of metadata and geospatial data
Building a better understanding of metadata and geospatial data
We've uploaded a series of short videos to YouTube to help system users build a better understanding of metdata and how it can build better research practices. The New Zealand government has committed funding over the next decade to researching
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