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ResOrgs PhD Scholarship

Applications due 1 September 2017

Resilient Organisations are pleased to announce the latest application round to join our team as a PhD student.  Applications for this round close 1 September 2017.

Resilient Organisations is a public good research programme based in New Zealand.  We have been researching what makes organisations resilient to crises since 2004.  Resilient Organisations is a collaboration between top New Zealand research universities, particularly the University of Canterbury and the University of Auckland.  We are funded by the Natural Hazards Platform and supported by a diverse group of industry partners and advisors.

Each year we receive a number of requests to join our Resilient Organisations as a PhD student.  We have a limited number of students we can take on each year.  Joining our team means that students not only get accepted for supervision by one of our lead researchers, but that they also have the opportunity to work alongside a team of vibrant researchers committed to helping organisations to become more resilient.  We work with successful applicants to develop their research focus and approach so that it fills a critical knowledge gap.  We also work with students to apply for funding for their studies.

Find out more about what it means to be a ResOrgs PhD Student - Download our PhD Student Contract

Assessment criteria:

  • You will be wanting to undertake full time study towards a degree of Doctor of Philosophy at either the University of Canterbury or University of Auckland.
  • You will be required to be based in Christchurch, New Zealand (if enrolling with the University of Canterbury) or Auckland, New Zealand (if enrolling with the University of Auckland) for the duration of their research.  Selection of which University the student should enrol will depend on the match between the student’s chosen topic and the location of potential research supervisors.
  • You must be able to show that you will be an outstanding PhD researcher. You should have a track record of academic excellence with a minimum GPA equivalent to an A- average, although normally successful applicants would have a higher GPA.
  • The student’s research topic will be the basis of negotiation between the student and the Resilient Organisations research team, but will need to be aligned with ongoing research priorities within Resilient Organisations.  The research topic will be mutually agreed between the student and Resilient Organisations before the research can commence.  We will discuss potential research topics with shortlisted candidates, based on their previous qualifications and experience, during the interview process.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be supported in their application to apply for scholarships where appropriate.  For example, there are a range of doctoral scholarships for students with excellent grades, including:

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