Resilience Benchmarking

Is your organisation furture ready?

Resilient Organisations' Benchmark Resilience Tool (BRT) is an online survey tool that allows you to measure the resilience of your organisation and benchmark it against other organisations. It helps identify your resilience strengths and weaknesses and track your progress over time.


The BRT has been developed and tested by Resilient Organisations through a decade of research into what makes some organisations rise to the challenges presented by crisis, while others fail. It is based around thirteen indicators of resilience, relating to an organisation’s leadership and culture, networks and change readiness.

Our Resilience Benchmarking Packages

BRT BasicMeasure your organisation’s resilience using our online survey and receive an automated results report. The survey takes just 20 minutes per staff member to complete. Results can be analysed by department.
The report includes:
• Organisational and department (if selected) resilience scores.
• A comparison with other organisations.
• Strongest and weakest indicators and suggestions on how these can be improved.

BRT Standard Resilience Benchmarking Package

Enhance your understanding of the basic survey results by getting in-depth data analysis. The analysis and report includes:
• Response rates and resilience scores by position, department, gender and age.
• An in-depth view of individual resilience indicators.
• Staff perceptions of risks facing the organisation.
• Information on staff perceptions of lifeline dependencies.
• Detailed recommendations on leveraging strengths and improving weaknesses.

BRT Advanced Resilience Benchmarking PackageSupplement your standard resilience with 8 semi-structured onsite interviews of a cross-section of staff and management. This analysis will give you a clearer understanding of the resilience benchmark results within the culture and context of the organisation. In addition to the standard report, the results include:
• Analysis of resilience within the context of the organisation’s culture, history and strategic direction.
• Tailored recommendations for organisation specifi resilience enhancement initiatives.

Add Ons

Presentation and Q&A session: Presentation to staff, management, board or any combination on request.

Shared benchmarking: Encourage your suppliers, customers or others in your industry to benchmark their resilience and then come together in a facilitated workshop to leverage off each others’ strengths and collectively improve your resilience.

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