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Free to download and print-out, our booklets are great resources for small business.

Practical and action focused, these easy to ready guides offer advice on planning for and managing in challenging times. Based on 10 years of research into organisational resilience these guides will help you not only survive but also thrive in a crisis.

Printed copies are available for $3 each or $2.50 each for more than 50 (including postage within NZ).

If you would like to distribute any of them as part of a resilience building initiative you are running, please get in touch as we are happy to work with you to enable you to include your organisation's logo on this booklet. Also, we love to hear whenever our booklet is used, as it helps us to demonstrate to our funders that our work is adding value!

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Striving ThroughStriving Through: Tips, tactics & plans for managing your business through a crisis

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Rizwan Ahmad, Tracy Hatton, Erica Seville, John Vargo.
Resilient Organisations Business Resource 2015A, ISSN 2381-9790 (Print), ISSN 2381-9804 (Online).

In this midst of a crisis?
No matter what your level of preparation, this booklet will provide quick, practical advice to help navigate the stages of the recovery journey.


BuildingAdaptiveResilience Thumb1Building Adaptive Resilience - High performing today, agile tomorrow, thriving in the future.

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Bernard Walker, Venkataraman Nilakant.
ISBN 978-0-473-342

This booklet presents key findings from the Building Resilient Infrastructure Organisations Project, outlining the four key factors that produces adaptive resilience - effective leadership, a culture of valuing employees, established ways of collaborating and a genuine commitment to collective learning.



A short guide to resilience for NGOsChaos to Teamwork - A Leader's Role in Crisis

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David Parsons, Tracy Hatton, Erica Seville, John Vargo.
Resilient Organisations Business Resource 2014/C, ISSN 2381-9790 (Print), ISSN 2381-9804 (Online).

This booklet provides guidance on how to prepare a Crisis Leadership Team before an event and improve your team's effectiveness during a crisis.

Resilience Guide for Small Business

Shut Happens: A resilience guide for small business

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Tracy Hatton, John Vargo, Erica Seville. Resilient Organisations Business
Resource 2012/A, ISSN 2381-9790 (Print), ISSN 2381-9804 (Online).

¡Cierres ocurren! Our popular Shut Happens booklet now in Spanish.


A short guide to resilience for NGOs

Resilience Within - A short guide to resilience for NGO's

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Ben Abraham, Tracy Hatton, John Vargo, Erica Seville.
Resilient Organisations Business Resource 2013/A, ISSN 2381-9790 (Print), ISSN 2381-9804 (Online)

NGO's are crucial to society, supporting those most in need. But you can't help others unless you can help yourself.
This short guide will help you understand what it means to be resilient, reflect on your NGO’s resilience, and take steps to improve it.

Staffed or StuffedStaffed or Stuffed: Creating resilience through your people.

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Bernard Walker, Michael Fraser, Venkataraman Nilakant
Resilient Organisations Business Resource 2014/A, ISSN 2381-9790.

People are the most important asset of most businesses. This is a practical guide to making your business more resilient by looking after your staff in a disaster, so that your staff cope better and your business recovers more quickly.

Cover your Assets

Cover your Assets: A short guide on selecting and getting the best from your commercial insurance policy.

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Charlotte Brown, John Vargo, Erica Seville, Tracy Hatton
Resilient Organisations Business Resource 2014/B, ISSN 2381-9790 (Print), ISSN 2381-9804 (Online)

Insurance is an important tool in an organisation’s resilience tool belt.  This guide gives small businesses tips on how to select the right insurance policy, how to prepare to use their policy and how to claim insurance when the time comes. 

Booklets Created by our Partners

leading in disaster recovery thumbLeading in Disaster Recovery: A Companion Through the Chaos


Elizabeth McNaughton, Jolie Wills, David Lallemant
NZ Red Cross

A pocket book of wisdom from over 100 recovery leaders who share the messages they wish they’d had. Recovering from a disaster is a deeply human event – it requires us to reach deep inside of ourselves and bring to others the best of who we can be. This is your companion through chaos that will connect you with over 100 other people who have walked in similar shoes.

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