Benchmark Resilience Tool

Resilient Organisation's Benchmark Resilience Tool measures the resilience of an organisation, benchmarking this against other organisations in the same or related industries.

The tool has been developed by the Reslient Organisations research team  to provide an organisation with a self-analysis of resilience strengths and weakensses to support internal resilience initiatives, as well as cross-sector or supply-chain resilience initiatives. It is also a research tool for improving our understanding of resilience and its impact on organisational performance.

The tool is a self-report survey intended to be taken by as many individuals within an organisation as possible to provide a comprehensive view of the organisation. The survey is in two forms, one for all employees and a second form for completion by the CEO or other senior executive, which includes additional demographic and business performance measures on the organisation.

There are two versions of the survey:

The Benchmark Resilience Tool can be administered on-line, over the phone or as a paper-based survey. The on-line version of the Tool is very user friendly and automates the collation and analysis of results, and the production of a confidential results report for the organisation.

Developing a Tool to Measure and Compare Organizations’ Resilience is an academic paper describing how the original Benchmark Resilience Tool was developed.

Here are some examples of how the tool can be used as part of a resilience improvement project:

Want to use the Benchmark Resilience Tool?

The tool is free to use for academic purposes. However, we ask that you fill out and sign the Benchmark Resilience Tool Application Form before using the tool.  
The use of the tool is also dependent on meeting the terms and conditions as outlined on the application form.

If you would like to use the Benchmark Resilience Tool for evaluating and improving the resilience of your own organisation, or if you are a consultant, then please contact the research team and we can talk you through the various options available for its use.