About Resilient Organisations

Building more resilient organisations, able to survive and thrive in a world of uncertainty.

What we do

Resilient Organisations is a research and consulting group focused on helping organisations, industries, and economies to thrive in any environment. We are a social enterprise, aiming to maximize the positive social impact of our work.

We conduct robust, original research to understand and advance the ability of organisations to anticipate and prepare for, proactively respond to, and recover effectively from disruptions of all kinds. Resilient Organisations also offers services direct to organisations including resilience benchmarking and advising on the best ways to improve resilience.

We offer a fresh perspective on complex challenges and work with a wide range of people to address these. We are known for our innovative, engaging and simple communication methods.

Our structure

Resilient Organisations has two parts – a research community and a limited company.

The research community is a close knit ‘virtual organisation’ of researchers and students collaborating across a number of disciplines and institutions in New Zealand. Resilient Organisations researchers and their international partners work together through joint research projects, graduate student development, and translating sound science into meaningful action.

Resilient Organisations Ltd. is a legal entity composed of a small and vibrant group of people conducting public-good research and private consulting.

Our structure ensures that we are at the forefront of knowledge while grounded in the everyday reality of business.

Our values and vision

ResOrgs Values Visions

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Our logoresorg-lowres_logo

In an ever changing environment, a resilient organisation is one that will find ways to thrive in the face of change and to turn that change to its advantage. This is why we include a dandelion seed on our logo. A dandelion embraces the uncertainties presented by changing winds, to seek out new environments in which to thrive.


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