Resilience Thumbprint Tool

Resilient Organisation's Resilience Thumbprint Tool provides organisations with a quick snapshot of their resilience.

Using a cut-down set of questions drawn from our full Resilience Benchmark Tool, the Resilience Thumbprint Tool is a free online tool that takes only 5 minutes to complete and hopefully your appetite to explore your organisation's resilience further.

It is designed to help organisations understand how they compare to others in terms of resilience, what their weakest aspects of resilience are, and provides a suggested action plan for improving resilience.

Sort-Form version of the Benchmark Resilience Tool is an academic paper describing how the original Resilience Thumbprint was developed.

Many thanks to our co-funders Auckland Council who helped to make this online tool a reality. To see the work the Auckland Council have been doing, take a look at

The online tool is free to use for individual organisations. It is best suited for use by smaller organisations - if your organisation has more than 10 employees, then we recommend using the Benchmark Resilience Tool.

If you would like to view a copy of the survey questions these are available to download.