Organisational Resilience HealthCheck

Developed by the Resilience Expert Advisory Group (REAG), for the Attorney-General’s Department in Australia, the Organisational Resilience HealthCheck is designed to act as a catalyst for teams to reflect and discuss how their organisation sits against each of the 13 indicators of organisational resilience.

Developed in partnership with Resilient Organisations researchers, the Organisational Resilience HealthCheck and the Resilience Benchmark Tool are designed to compliment each other.

The Resilience Healthcheck is an online questionnaire that asks respondents to rank their department or organisation according to a set of low and high level descriptors for 13 resilience indicators. This tool is designed to facilitate that "aha" moment of insight into the importance of resilience, it is not a benchmark.

We encourage you to take a look and have a play with the Organisational Resilience HealthCheck, and start the conversation about resilience in your organisation today.