Employee Resilience Tool

The Employee Resilience Tool has been developed by Resilient Organisations researchers. The tool measures an employee’s resilience level. The tool can be used for individual self-assessment, organisation-wide employee resilience assessment as well as cross-sector employee resilience assessments.


The tool is based on employee reporting on their work attitudes.  Employees are asked to rate themselves on a scale of 1 (never) to 5 (always) in response to 9 statements about their behaviours at work.

This tool compliments the Benchmark Resilience Tool, focusing on individuals within an organisation as opposed to the organisation itself.

The latest version of the employee resilience tool can be found in Employee Resilience Scale (EmpRes) Measurement Properties.

The Employee Resilience Scale (EmpRes): Technical Report is a report detailing the development of the employee resilience tool.

Want to use the Employee Resilience Tool?

The tool is free to use for academic purposes. However, we ask that you fill out and sign the  Employee Resilience Tool Application Form before using the tool. The use of the tool is also dependent on meeting the terms and conditions as outlined on the application form.

If you would like to use the Employee Resilience for evaluating and improving the resilience of your employees or if you are a consultant, then please contact the research team and we can talk you through the various options available for its use.