Organisational-Resilience-WorkshopTools, Resources and Ideas for Making Organisations More Resilient Workshop, Notes, 'The Future Of Emergency Management' National Emergency Management Conference

Prepared by Charlotte Brown and John Vargo, May 2016.






 Resilience-Opportunities-WorkshopResilient Opportunities Workshop Summaries

Report prepared by Charlotte Brown, Erica Seville, John Vargo.  Resilient Organisations Research Report 2015/01, February 2015.

As part of our celebration of ten years of ongoing research, in late 2014 Resilient Organisations ran a series of events across New Zealand to discuss, showcase, and propagate resilience ideas and opportunities.

Each event was designed as a two-part, interactive workshop, providing participants with the opportunity to engage with others and to develop ideas and practical action plans to enhance resilience in organisations and communities.

The events also provided opportunities to learn about the latest research in the field of resilience. Resilient Organisations co-leaders John Vargo and Erica Seville presented the latest research in the field  In addition, participants attended a panel discussion entitled “Why isn’t resilience on the radar for most organisations and how can we change this?”.