Student Reports

Resilience of NGOs

 NGO Leadership and Organisational Resilience

Benjamin Abraham, 2013

Incentivising effective NGO collaboration: literature review and post-disaster practice

Matthew Scobie, 2013

Procurement of recovery projects

Banda Aceh Fieldtrip Report (pdf, 350K)

Kelvin Zuo, August 2006.

Recovery governance

 Factors Influencing the Reconstruction of Commercial Buildings Following the Christchurch Earthquakes

Zak Mataa, 2012.

Factors Influencing the Reconstruction of Commercial Buildings Following the Christchurch Earthquakes

Aaron Rodrigues, 2012.

Canterbury Earthquake Reconstruction – Leadership In Disasters

Osama Abdullatif, 2012.

Canterbury Earthquake Reconstruction – Leadership in Disasters

Ahmad Khaled, 2012.

Case Study: The Reconstruction of Samoa Following the 2009 Tsunami – Shall we Stay or Shall we go?

Miriam Karalus, 2012.

Analysis of the Wastewater Network Rehabilitation Following the February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake

Kiran Rai, 2012.

Strategies for Managing Business Vulnerability to Electricity Failure (pdf, 804k)

Hannan Stephenson, March 2007.  

Post-Disaster Reconstruction: New Zealand

Jetske van der Zon, Netherlands Exchange Student.

Organisational response to disasters

Response Management by Key Organizations with respect to the State Highway Network of New Zealand and Road Closure Events

Andrew Newlands, 2006
ENCI 495 – Research Project, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Canterbury.

Development of A data-information sharing framework for roading organizations’ response to disasters/emergencies

Dharmista Gohil, 2005
Research Report as partial fulfillment of the requirement for Masters [in Transportation Engineering; University of Canterbury.

Greymouth March 10th Tornado 2005: An investigation of the effects and subsequent response and recovery process

Kristen MacAskill. 3rd Professional Year Project.

Development of Tsunami Information Boards for Installation at Public Beaches

Lisa Woods, 3rd Professional Year Project.

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