Advice for Organisations affected by the Cook Strait earthquakes

Given the 6.5 EQ and aftershocks near Seddon impacting on many businesses and other organisations in the Lower North Island and Upper South Island, what steps can businesses take to be more resilient?  Some key learnings from the Christchurch EQ sequence of 2010-2011 provide the following advice:

-Look after your staff!  They are your most crucial resource. Being a good employer at this stage can pay big dividends later.

-Be proactive in contacting your suppliers and customers to make sure they are ok.  This is a great opportunity to strengthen those relationships.

-Review your insurance policy in some detail so that you really know what you are covered for.  If there is a bigger event you don't want any surprises from your insurance policy.

For more information visit the Resilient Organisations Research Programme website at  Of particular interest will be:

-Shut Happens, a resilience guide for small business:

-Resilience thumbprint survey, a five minute survey producing a short automated report on your organisation's resilience: