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Resilient Organisations works with a number of great people and organisations. We collaborate, share, innovate and support each other to enhance our performance and to survive crises. We’d like to acknowledge some of those people and organisations here.


Daniel AldrichProf Daniel Aldrich

Daniel is a Professor of Political Science who has done extensive field work in Japan, India, and North America and focuses on the role of social networks and social capital in resilience.

Daniel has visited ResOrgs on a number of occasions to share his research. 

Tom O'RoukeProf Tom O'Rourke

Tom is a Professor at Cornell University.  Following the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes, Tom has made a number of visits to Canterbury to assess damage, carry out research and share his expertise in civil engineering; in particular in the resilience of infrastructure systems. 


David ParsonsDavid Parsons

David is currently a Senior Mine Safety Officer (Emergency Management) at NSW Trade & Investment.  In his previous role at Sydney Water, David established the Water Services Sector Group within the Australian Government’s Trusted Information Sharing Network. Where he held the position of chair since inception and was a member of the national Critical Infrastructure Advisory Council. 

David is an Adjunct Associate Professor @ Centre for Emergency & Disaster Management  at Queensland University of Technology.

David is currently doing a masters in the socio-political consequences of mining disaster response and recovery.

David has worked with ResOrgs co-leader Erica Seville on the Australian Resilience Expert Advisory Group.  He has worked with ResOrgs on a resilience benchmarking study of the Australian Water Industry.

Adam RoseProf Adam Rose

Adam is a Research Professor of Economics at the University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy.  Much of Adam’s research focuses on the economics of natural and man-made hazards, with an emphasis on resilience at the micro-, meso- and macro-economic  levels.  Adam has been a key advisor on our Economics of Resilient Infrastructure project.



Debbie van OpstalDebbie van Opstal

Debbie is the executive director of the US Resilience Project.

Debbie teamed up with ResOrgs to write A Primer in Resiliency. This was published in the Global Business and Organizational Excellence.  To see a copy of this please contact us.

Stephanie ChangStephanie Chang

Stephanie is an expert in disaster recovery and resilience.  She bridges the gap between engineering, natural sciences and social sciences in addressing the complex issues of natural disasters.  Stephanie has worked with ResOrgs on a number of projects including an urban disaster recovery study  following the Canterbury earthquakes. View report.


Linda CruseLinda Cruse

Linda Cruse is a Social Entrepreneur in residence at the University of Canterbury and is working with Resilient Organisations to find ways to better engage the private sector in building more resilient communities. Linda was instrumental in setting up University of Canterbury’s 21 day challenge.


Anne WeinAnne Wein

Anne is an expat kiwi now working with the US Geological Survey (USGS).  Anne is a key member of the USGS Multiple Hazard Demonstration Project (MHDP) and Science Application for Risk Reduction (SAFRR) scenarios , which have developed the renowned ShakeOut scenario earthquake, and ARkStorm winter storm and SAFRR tsunami scenarios in California.   As a coordinator of the economic consequences stream of this work, Anne has explored the interface between the building and lifeline damage estimates and the regional economic model, and lead efforts to analyze goods movement, economic impacts and resilience, community focus studies, vulnerable populations, and agricultural damages and losses. Anne is a regular visitor to New Zealand. She has provided excellent insight and advice for our ResOrgs team working on the Economics of Resilient Infrastructure project.

Market Economics (m.e)

Market Economics (M.E), is one of Nlogo-me-blueew Zealand's leading independent economic consultancies. Established in 2001, they specialise in market and economic analysis and environmental and ecological research.

Market Economics and Resilient Organisations have joined together for a number of projects including the Economics of Resilient Infrastructure project.

GNS ScienceGNS Science

GNS Science is New Zealand's leading provider of Earth, geoscience and isotope research and consultancy services.

GNS and Resilient Organisations have joined together for a number of projects including the Economics of Resilient Infrastructure project.



UC3RThe goal of UCR3 is to improve understanding of risk, resilience and renewal; and to apply this to development of improved strategies for risk reduction, development of resilience and implementation of post-disaster renewal. This will be done by scientific but practice-aligned research, by practically-relevant professional and academic education programmes, by joint projects with communities from families to the nation, by strong linkages with international organisations in these fields, and by promulgating our advances widely and effectively.

UCR3 is a nationally and internationally recognised centre of excellence contributing positively to community capability and resilience, as they relate to natural and human caused disasters.

ResOrgs co-leaders Erica Seville and John Vargo are affiliated faculty members within the Centre.


QuakecoreQuakeCoRE is a new Centre of Research Excellence hosted at the University of Canterbury, with partner organisations from across New Zealand. The QuakeCoRE mission is to place NZ at the worldwide forefront of earthquake disaster resilience by utilizing NZ as a natural earthquake laboratory, producing new knowledge on the seismic response of the built environment, developing models to understand vulnerabilities within this environment, and designing innovative technologies and decision-support tools enabling rapid recovery of NZ communities.

ResOrgs co-leader Erica Seville is an Flagship Project leader and a member of the QuakeCoRE Management Team.

Resilience Expert Advisory Group (REAG)

The Resilience Expert Advisory Group (REAG) supported by the Australian Attorney-General’s Department provides support and guidance to the Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN)  on the practical dimensions of organisational resilience. The REAG comprises representatives from Australian, state and territory governments, critical infrastructure owners and operators, academia, specialist practitioners and research organisations. The REAG's mission is to provide guidance and promote the concept of organisational resilience within the business community generally, and critical infrastructure in particular, for the purposes of building a more resilient nation.

ResOrgs co-leader Erica Seville is a member of the REAG.

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