Dr Alice Chang-Richards

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Alice got her Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering Management in 2004 and then was recommended by her University (Central South University) to pursue Mater degree in Management Science and Engineering with entrance examination and fee exempted. In 2007, she was awarded First Honor Master Degree and successfully obtained Joint Scholarship for PhD study from Chinese Government and The University of Auckland. Since her second year of college study, Alice has been involved in a wide range of research projects nationally and locally in project management and construction management.

Under the 'Resilient Organisations' Research Programme, her doctoral research at the University of Auckland focused on resource availability for post-disaster reconstruction, providing a cross-comparison analysis of resourcing approaches applied in Indonesia, China and Australia during their recovery from catastrophic disasters. Now Alice is a post-doctoral research fellow in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Auckland. She is concentrating on the resourcing in project management for Christchurch reconstruction following its devastating earthquakes.

Research Objectives

The overarching goal of Alice’s current research is to inform the development of New Zealand construction industry and the post-disaster recovery planning by understanding the availability of resources for Christchurch reconstruction.

To realize this, the study seeks to achieve the following sub-objectives:

  • To identify the ’critical resources‘ during the earthquake recovery that have an impact on the reconstruction process?

  • To identify the factors that affect the availability of ’critical resources‘, and thus obstruct repair and rebuilding from proceeding as intended

  • To ascertain the dynamics and the working mechanism of each dynamic in the resource availability system

  • To establish the resource management model for reconstruction implementation by applying Systems thinking and computer-based simulation

  • To compare the modelling outcomes of resource availability for Christchurch rebuild with other predicted scenarios to generate lessons and experiences