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Resilient Organisations (ResOrgs) is a public-good research programme based in New Zealand.  We have been researching what makes organisations resilient to crises since 2004.

ResOrgs is a collaboration between top New Zealand research universities, particularly the University of Canterbury and the University of Auckland.  We are funded by the Natural Hazards Research Platform and supported by a diverse group of industry partners and advisors.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of over 35 researchers, representing a synthesis of engineering, science and business leadership aimed at transforming organisations so they can successfully survive major disruptions, avoid chronic dysfunction, build robust partnerships, and prosper.

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Latest News

07 Aug 15

New QuakeCORE PhD Scholarships Announced

QuakeCORE is now accepting applications for three-year PhD scholarships for outstanding scholars interested in pursuing doctoral research aligned with QuakeCoRE research priorities.



07 Aug 15

ResOrgs PhD Applications close 1 Sept 2015

ScholarshipsResOrgs' next round of PhD applications closes September 1st, 2015.

Joining our team means that students not only get accepted for supervision by one of our lead researchers, but that


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